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Want to stock Greenscents products? We’re on the lookout for reliable retailers to work with!

Why stock Greenscents products?

Since 2011, we’ve been working with independent retailers to create a natural range of laundry and household products, designed with the environment in mind. Feedback from our retailers has been essential to our business success and it still matters!

Part of this success comes from working with retail stores that have a similar dedication to the environment and the welfare of their customers too.

Greenscents is at the forefront of the pioneering ‘zero waste’ movement and we supply many independent stores up and down the country with our 20 litre containers. Greenscents products are very concentrated so if your customers think Greenscents is more expensive than others, do remind them that they get more for their money. Our 20 litre laundry liquid is enough for 880 washes!

If you feel our products would be a good suit for your business or retail store, we’re more than happy to work with you.

What we can offer your business:

  • A unique award-winning range of Soil Association certified organic household and laundry products.
  • A range that is certified ‘Allergy Friendly’ by Allergy UK.
  • All Greenscents products are accredited by Cruelty Free International which means no animal testing.
  • A range that is endorsed by The Vegan Society and is made with no animal ingredients.
  • Packaging is important!  All Greenscents bottles are made from bio-polymers rather than unsustainable petroleum based non-renewables and are fully recyclable.  Check out our ‘I’m Green’ logo.
  • Not only are Greenscents labels fully sustainable but they look fantastic too!
  • Greenscents is fragranced with organic essential oil blends and no artificial perfumes
  • Our Nonscents range is perfect for customers with sensitive or hypoallergenic skin.
  • Check out our ‘No Nasties’ Guarantee (link here to new page)
  • All Greenscents products are made in our workshops in Somerset.

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Greenscents products are available through a number of wholesalers and distributors but you can buy direct from us if you prefer. You can request a trade account by completing the form below

Trade accounts are available in the UK only.

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